Our distinguished real estate tax practice specializes in developing real estate tax solutions to accurately guide your most complex transactions. Our real estate experts have highly specialized knowledge of the tax implications faced by real estate investors of all shapes and sizes.

We encourage you to see how AGH can provide real estate tax solutions for you through the following tax insight:

Deal Structuring

AGH has helped clients of all sizes structure real estate transactions that are right for them. From institutional investors with billions of dollars in assets around the world to a family real estate partnership seeking to sell a family estate, AGH works closely with our clients and their attorneys to make sure we help strike the right deal.

1031 Exchange Consulting

We are often asked how to best manage the sale of highly appreciated assets. A tax-free exchange under rules allowed by the IRS is a favorite strategy of businesses and investors looking to continue to invest capital in a new asset while recognizing the benefits of a sale transaction. Followed properly, a tax-free exchange can help produce profits that for tax purposes are deferred to a later date while at the same time provide acquisition capital for similar type assets. These types of exchanges are most popular in the real estate industry and we consult with our clients on single asset, multi-property, build-to-suit and reverse exchanges.

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation can be an important tool to help increase cash flow by spreading out tax obligations. AGH can help you identify whether increasing depreciation expenses in the near-term in order to defer taxes through a cost segregation study is the right move for you. Additional benefits of a cost segregation study can include reduced insurance premiums and property taxes. A cost segregation study is an essential cash flow management tool for most large scale real estate projects.

Partnership Taxation

AGH understands the effect that partnership agreements have on your real estate investment. Whether it is complex equity allocations, preferred returns or limited partners’ rights, AGH has seen almost everything in a partnership agreement at some point. We can help you negotiate your agreement and review the tax implications for any potential surprises. Our experience with partnership tax issues enables us to anticipate the implications of a business decision on upper tier entities or individual tax returns. Our understanding of complex issues including basis adjustments, depreciation issues and partnership agreements provides our clients with strong real estate tax knowledge at their fingertips.

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